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CitiZen Yoga

10/24/2015 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

A date in the nude. Uncover yourself to yourself. A day to yourself and into yourself. A deep immersion into the chambers of your soul. This retreat is healing as well as empowering, aimed to bring radical understanding about self and life, and healthy change to them. Learn to awaken a new view of yourself in front of a current challenging situation or condition. Explore a whole new understanding of life altogether.

This is a magical day of sharing with and about your soul, your heart, your Self ~

We could put on a pair of glasses and choose to focus sight on the glass, having what is past it blurred. Learning to shift focus so to see through the glass, what is beyond appears clear.

This is an intimate journey where you are taken, guided, introduced and get to mingle with your soul ~ and mystical secrets of life ~ as well as ways to use them practically in your daily living ~

In this session we encapsule ourselves in a magical chamber of light, stepping away from time and space ~ it is a journey inwards in full consciousness and awareness ~ an empowering experience of self realization ~

What you will experience:
- Therapies: KarmaBeat Breath, Soul Activation, CitiZEN Sound Bath
- Talks/Insights: How to connect with the voice of your soul, what can your soul do for you in your daily life, and for your health

**Healthy snacks will be shared through the day. Based on previous experience we invite you to bring your own lunch or a dish to share. We can also order Peruvian food for delivery**

This one-day retreat is intended to take you in a deep immersion into life’s essence, to empower you with tools to bring healthy change to your life, whatever stage you are presently in, whatever challenge you may be facing ~ This spiritual retreat is intended to awaken the god in you ~ It is a healing session and intensive course.

****You can also book A Date With My Soul in a private day-long session****

The adress will be sent to you upon registration, thank you, it is an honor to share with you!

10/11/2015 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Learn the principles of sound vibration [nada yoga]. What is vibrational healing? Why does sound heal? If it heals, can it also harm? How does sound healing work? What is a Tibetan Singing Bowl and how do I use it? We will cover these topics and also enjoy a time for hands-on practice!

Sound healing is one of the sweetest healing therapies I know, and I share with you with all the love in my heart ~

*Children 13+ welcome!

10/10/2015 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM

In this workshop we will share about different modalities of energy healing and underlying principles that work for all of them. We will cover energy principles that apply to you, the people you may work with, and to healing itself. These techniques can be then used for personal healing or to others. If you already do healing work, this workshop might bring additional light to your practice.

I love to share this information and practices and feel really excited to share it with you!