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CitiZen Yoga

1/27/2015 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Join us, Akhil, Ernesto, and Vic, for a sonic experience of sound pulsations and shamanic blessings, as we convert CitiZEN Yoga into a sacred chamber of Divine resonance, and share about our personal experiences, visions and recommendations in this Aquarian Age.

The healing, harmonizing and empowering sound-waves of Himalayan/Tibetan/Crystal singing bowls, powerful Chinese gong, the delicate melodies of the Koshi Chimes, and the soothing sounds of Native American flute, will bathe us in empowering energies to support our new beginnings with abundant blessings for joy, prosperity, good relations, health, strength, peace of mind, Connecting with the intelligence of the heart, harmony and love for the time to cOMe.

We appreciate your RSVP in order to have a comfortable setup for everyone. Please txt 305.588.3521. Thank you!

What's a Sound Healing Bath?

Also known as vibrational healing bath, or sonic bath.. in this case we use a the powerful sound-waves of Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, and the delicate melodies of the Koshi Chimes that create an ocean-like environment of sound vibration to envelop you completely. These sound-waves heal you, harmonize you, cleanse your energy field, and purify your mind. You just lay down and let the soothing waves take you, just as the ocean would take a dewdrop.. it's simply delicious ~

Imagine yourself laying or sitting down, being guided to the realms of your heart, where everything in life finds healing, and life itself is born. Experience being enveloped in a vibratory frequency that feels as though it's holding you, enveloping you, containing you, taking you like the ocean would a drop of water.. converting it into the ocean itself as they merge. This is the experience of Yoga, Union, the merging of you and your Creator, the union of person and God, the yoke of earthly and spiritual.

This is a beautiful blessing and gift to yourself, and anyone in your family or circle of friends. Join us and help us spread the word!

We appreciate your RSVP in order to have a comfortable setup for everyone. Please txt 305.588.3521. Thank you!

Pricing: $50 ~ thank you ~ fostering the practice of Conscious Everyday Living, we encourage your conscious payment ~ only you can know in your heart what your session and healing is worth to you ~ honestly and sincerely ~ connect with that feeling and from it make your payment knowing that money is a form of energy and that as you allow it to flow it will continue flowing through you ~ hence own your feeling, make your payment with gratitude for the value you have received and truly own it ~ in this way you are not only creating a conscious healthy relationship with money, but being aware of the true value you are open to receive from your session and owning it. May this practice help you create consciously, every aspect of your life!

 Always follow your heart ~


1/19/2015 6:00 PM – 12:00 PM

Private Healing Sessions ~ Traditional Chinese Medicine with Giancarlo Piaggio.

- Accupuncture
- Cupping
- Chinese Massage
- Moxa
- Coaching

Sesiones Privadas de Sanación ~ Medicina Tradicional China con Giancarlo Piaggio.

Pricing: we encourage your conscious payment, and is very much appreciated ~ after session please pay what your heart feels the session was worth to you and your healing. Folks frequently ask for a reference price, so just in case it helps.. $150. Only you know the value your session has for you. Always follow your heart ~

~ We serve, and you pay.. FROM THE HEART.. prices are old-scool ~

12/31/2014 5:00 PM – 8:00 AM















Join us for the last sunset of 2014 and the first sunrise of 2015 ~ tonight 5pm and tomorrow 6:30am ~ cOMe with your family and friends and give yourself and the world blessings for our best year yet ~ Thank you for letting us know you are cOMing via txt 305.588.3521 ~ If possible we invite you to bring ROSES ~ see YOU tonight ~ OM

Dec 31 - 5pm to 6:30pm
Jan 1 - 6:30am to 8am 

As usual we encourage your Conscious Payment ~ folks frequently ask for a reference price so just in case it helps $40 each event, $70 both ~ Thank You!