Get Life

CitiZen Yoga

1/09/2016 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Join me in the circle for the fisrt New Moon of 2016! After contracting and dissolving into nothingness, the Moon begins its journey of expansion, blessing us with crescent illumination, inspiration, creativity, health, joy, peace, love. We gather and align with these energies, creating purposefully, and letting go with ease and grace. May your afflictions, sorrows, difficulties, pains burn away and the voice of your heart express itself loud and clear in your life ~

Join us for New Moon Meditation, planet LOVE is on the rise and we let the new light in, we join to cleanse ourselves and send loving light to our world. Register online through the link below or via txt 305.588.3521

We will share a spiritual talk, shamanic cleanse, and guided meditation. Everyone welcome, no experience needed just an open heart to experience and learn something perhaps new, maybe awaken a dormant memory... It's a mystical night of inspiring introspection and creation, we look forward to sharing in the circle with you!

To luminous new beginnings soul siblings ~ #AHO!