Get Life

CitiZen Yoga


I honor all paths in life. At the studio I share what I have learned on the one of sadhana, daily practice. Daily, or at least regular practice, keeps you connected. It is your healer, teacher, best friend, and lover.

What makes you a member is your practice. And in support to your personal commitment to create healthy change in your life, to connect with the love in your heart, and the wisdom of your soul, we offer these membership options:

- Unlimited yoga
- One month, $200

- Unlimited yoga
- One hour private session (yoga, healing, coaching)
- One month, $340

- Unlimited yoga
- Two one hour private sessions (yoga, healing, coaching)
- Two months, $650

- Unlimited yoga
- Three one hour private sessions (yoga, healing, coaching)
- Three months, $900

The membership program is a great way to make a long term commitment to yourself. These options function like a private school for life and conscious everyday living, with the purpose of helping you attain a clearer and broader understanding of what you are, and of life, through your own experience.