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February 12, 2014 at 11:44 PM

Every person has an orbit to follow when we enter this world. Due to our interactions with everything in the world, this orbit will be influenced and commonly changed. Being in an orbit that does not belong to us is the cause for unfulfillment, and it could lead to many other things, like depression, anxiety, stress, and so on. 

All this influences are stored as energy in your system causing blockages, impediments, disease, and other disturbances in life. Our system is composed of five bodies (physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual), from which the physical is the only one that is literally anchored in the present moment, while the other four travel constantly from past, to present, to future; causing us to be scattered, thefore feeling unwhole. 

Using shamanic and tantric healing from the Himalayas and the Andes this healing session removes all the excess bagagge that you may be carrying in any of your five bodies, then harmonizes and integrates them restoring you to wholeness. And, puts you at the threshold of your original orbit, which is like being reborn. Is the gift of a brand new life, within this life.

The Akashic Healing, has been a divine gift for us, and a blessing we must share with you. Being a miracle healing, it is priceless - for both, you and us. Please come for a session, it will without a doubt change your life, and please feel free to offer what your heart promts you to, after receiving your healing.

Sessions are offered daily at CitiZEN Yoga. For bookings please email vic@citizenyoga.com or txt 305.588.3521

May your healing be sweet, smooth, and joyful ~

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