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CitiZEN Yoga Integral Program

December 02, 2013 at 5:21 PM

CitiZEN Yoga Integral Program

We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. Based on this inspiring phrase, and taking advantage of the evolutionary times we are presently living, this integral program empowers you to take action and go from the conceptual understanding of this phrase to the actual experience.  

Not everybody has a religious affiliation or interest, but we all have a spiritual flame lit inside. Finding spiritual fulfillment in life is essential, just as it is essential to find earthly, including material, fulfillment. This program will enable you to enjoy the spiritual bounties and earthly riches through your daily life.

What is the essence of the CitiZEN Yoga Integral Program?

The most fundamental question in life is Who/What am I. And who/what you think you are, in one way or another, creates limitations, constraints, tension and barriers in your life. These thoughts cause contraction, preventing a full expression or manifestation of your authentic self. 

Most people spend their lives in the realms of body, mind, emotions, senses, and ego. Without even realizing it, our lives are highly influenced, shaped and chiseled by parents, siblings, social networks, and cultural-moral-societal-political-religious codes with little attention on the realms of energy and spirit.

As you gain understanding about the nature of energy and spirituality, as well as their play in daily life, you will consciously experience and recognize yourself in wholeness. Working with energy and spirit gives you the ability to create options to address or go beyond what body, mind, emotion, senses, and ego find limitations with, or are not suited for. 

This program will guide you in having the experience that you are much more than what you currently think you are. It will give you knowledge and tools to live from this expanded perception and in full expression of yourself in your daily life. Conscious Everyday Living is a program to merge the earthly and spiritual aspects of yourself, taking you to enjoy life as a spiritual being having an earthly experience.

What are the contents of this program?



1.1- Acknowledging the physical body

1.2- Food and nutrition

1.3- Yoga for body and mind

1.4- Acknowledging the mental body

1.5- Meditation 

1.6- Acknowledging the emotional body

1.7- Breathing



2.1- Acknowledging the energetic body (Akal)

2.2- Centers of energy (Chakras) and your daily life

2.3- Healing with energy

2.4- Intention is energy

2.5- Personal and space energy cleansing

2.6- The shaman's way

2.7- The way of mantra



3.1- Intellect of the mind, wisdom of the heart

3.2- The soul, spirit, atman

3.3- Karma

3.4- Dharma 

3.5- The way of the heart ~ being love

3.6- The way of the soul ~ being peace

3.7- Experiencing Conscious Everyday Living


How does this program work?

The Conscious Everyday Living program includes classes and a personal daily practice, or sadhana, to release old patterns and provide a framework for new possibilities. The program is available in a flexible and customizable format. For an intense experience and comprehensive transformation of your life, there is the 21-day Intention and Intensity option. The full program can also be divided into the three independent modules, providing you with flexibility for pace and time management. And finally, each module contains 7 classes that can also be taken in complete flexibility one at a time. In all cases, you can choose to do your program privately or in a group format, as well as at the studio or online.


21-Day ~ Intention and Intensity ~ Full Program

There are two attributes that make our creation manifest, intension and intensity. This approach creates a life overhaul using the 21-day cycle of classes for conscious creation and includes the daily sadhana practices for body, mind and soul. Practice is what makes the change, and continuous practice makes healthy habits. 


7-Day ~ Individual Modules

This approach may allow for deeper assimilation of the classes and greater time flexibility. Sadhana program is provided for independent daily home practice.


Singles ~ Total Flexibility

Move at your own pace taking just a class at a time, and in any format combination that works for you.


Each class:

                                           Studio             Online 

Private sessions                    $200               $125

Group sessions/workshops*     $40pp              $30pp
*Workshop dates coming soon! 


What are the upcoming flex week sessions and dates?


Flex week - MODULE 2: ENERGY BODY - $250pp

Mon, 7-9pm - Studio

Tue, 7-9am - Online

Wed, 7-9pm - Studio

Thu, 7-9am - Online

Fri, 7-9am - Online

Sat, 2-6pm - Studio

Actual dates TBD. This is a sample schedule for the flex week format, including at studio and online sessions.


When is the next 21-Day ~ Intention and Intensity program starting?

Date TBD. This 21-day program will be done in a flex format, including at studio and online sessions.


How do I schedule private sessions?

To schedule your privates please contact us with your interest of Full program, Modular program, or Single sessions, the date you would like to start, and your preference for at studio or online format.

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