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February 11, 2014 at 9:55 AM

This is a course to learn to live life consciously, and therefore happier, healthier, better off in every aspect of ourselves and our life. We learn to create positive change in our lives, and to welcome it when it manifests. 

The course is divided into 6 classes, which you can choose to take in private, group, or skype format, and soon on video too!

  • Walking your own path in life
  • The most powerful practice in the world
  • From difficulty to possibility
  • Intellect of the mind, wisdom of the heart
  • Adding consciousness to your everyday living
  • You are well equipped with powerful tools


Walking your own path in life

- We all come into life with a particular orbit to follow, our life’s path. Due to external or internal conditions we may waiver from this orbit, or even go to a different one. With or without us being conscious of it. This, naturally, builds inside as a deep feeling of un-fulfillment. We have learned to go away from our orbit. And, in the same way, we can learn to find our way back and stay on it, or else change it, consciously.


The most powerful practice in the world

- I have been fortunate to come across the most powerful practice in the world, and I share it with you. Being the most powerful practice in the world it will heal, transform, fix anything in your life. All you need is just to do it. The most powerful practice in the world is: Listen More and Speak Less. In this class you will start learning how to accomplish that, as well as why would you want to accomplish it.


From difficulty to possibility

- When the mind sustains thoughts of difficulty, it becomes obstructed and often blocked, turning them into thoughts of impossibility. At which point one is doomed. In this class we share about the possibility of getting out of that trap, methods to get out of the trap, and the power of possibility in your life.


Intellect of the mind, wisdom of the heart

- The mind is unlimited in capacity, but limited in contents. Through your senses all happenings in your life are recorded in your mind, but what you have not yet experienced is not there. The heart, on the other hand, is the place of wisdom, and is unlimited in contents. And we all have it at play in our lives. In this class we begin to learn about the heart’s wisdom, and how to access it at will.


Adding consciousness to your everyday living

- Created to the image of the creator, we are creators. What we create is our life, every bit of it. We create through our thoughts, words and actions. And, two ingredients make our creation become manifest: intention and intensity. In this class we bring our creative process to awareness, and learn methods to add consciousness to the second level of our creation, the spoken word.


You are well equipped with powerful tools

- In life we can only succeed. There is no seeming obstacle in our life we cannot overcome. We only need to realize that universal truth. In this class we share about free will, the breath, and the heart, your most powerful tools to conquer your life.


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We serve, you pay... FROM THE HEART... Prices are old school.

Classes are 2hrs
You literally offer what you feel your classes are worth.
privates | groups | at studio | online 

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As we well know, to become good at anything we need practice. Sadhana means daily spiritual practice, in Sanskrit. Sadhana is an infallible practice to create conscious change in any aspect of our life. And is a recommended method in addition to the course above. Although you can create your own sadhana, we can create one for you based on your goals and current situation, and provide you as well with the methods for practice. For anything you want to accomplish in your life, sadhana will take you there. Should you be interested in ordering your personal sadhana (only $30) or have questions please email us here.



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