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November 03, 2012 at 12:00 AM

What is healing?

Healing is a natural tool in all human beings, which allows us to restore ourselves to our natural state, the state of wholeness, harmony, and peace. To understand how healing is a natural resource or tool, lets think for a moment on a time in which we have gotten a small paper cut. Without us doing much about it, alone the skin dries up, closes together and eventually the small wound heals, naturally, effortlessly. This example is just intended to illustrate in your mind that the power of healing is within yourself. For something as small as a paper cut, you don't do much because you Know without a doubt that it will heal, and you also know you need not worry about it.

Greater wounds, or different type of afflictions, can also be healed in the same way. The healing process starts by allowing yourself to heal, naturally, effortlessly. Healing is a natural process of restoration, and is inherent to you.

How does healing occur?

Healing occurs naturally because it is your Divine gift. Depending on the circumstances, healing may be required at the different levels of your being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Physical healing occurs in great part by the action of your body, and its natural intelligence, which works to maintain the system working properly and steadily.  This type of healing happens by work of the cells, the immune system, and so on.

Mental and emotional healing occurs at the level of the mind, and this type of healing is intimately related with the way we perceive life and the happenings in our personal life. Many times mental or emotional imbalances will produce illness at the mental or emotional levels, but commonly, through a process called somatization, they can also cause illness or disease at the physical level.

Spiritual healing is what virtually all human beings are on this planet for. This type of healing occurs from the realization that we are spiritual beings, creations of a spiritual Creator, and hence oblivious to the seeming pain and suffering natural to the earthly world.

In any of these cases it is important to acknowledge that health is your natural state, and it's a manifestation of your inner peace and harmony. Any imbalance within takes you to be moved away from your natural state, and you begin to feel uncomfortable, out of ease or in disease. When discomfort is held within long enough, in the mind or emotionally, pain, disease, illness at any level of yourself manifests.

How can I heal myself?

Many are the healing techniques available these days, perhaps the most common one being medical drugs. There are also homeopathic preparations, natural medicines, natural foods used for their curative properties. There is also psychology, psychiatry, life coaching, counseling, group therapy. Many people also resort to indigenous rituals, or ancient techniques as fasting, or the ancient science of Ayurveda. A vast number of people instinctively resort to spending time outdoors bonding with nature, feeling the energies from the sun, the air and natural waters revitalizing their beings. Some others are keen on new age techniques such as acupuncture, acupressure, aromatherapy, applied kinesiology, iridology, reflexology, polarity, chiropractic, auric balancing, reiki, rebirthing, biofeedback, bio-rhythm, transpersonal counseling, metaphysical counseling, shiatsu, DNA theta healing, massage, sound/color/crystal healing, amongst others. Some are inclined to practices such as prayer, meditation, yoga, and many more.

Whatever your preference it is important to know that basically all of these are but mediums for healing, they ignite in your mind a spark of faith that tells you you will recover or heal. In most cases all these forms, although they can help in the healing process, they are not essentially the healing agent; this is the reason many times healing appears to have happened but only until the condition or affliction resurfaces.

Self-realization as in acceptance of yourself as a Divine Being is the most healing step in your life. This can happen in an instant, it actually happens to many people when facing death situations or terminal diseases, but you don't need to wait for something as drastic to happen, you can come to this state anytime, anywhere. Start by willing to attain it, after all it is what you are in this planet for.  In the meantime, while you are still experimenting with awakening to your Divinity, please bear in mind that all forms of healing have a place, and a time.

Can I do this on my own?

You can certainly do this on your own, just follow your intuition. Begin by contemplating the example of the paper cut, and from it go deeper into the essence of healing; find it in you because there is where it lies. As well as all the answers in life, the answer for healing also lies within yourself.

You can also seek for a teacher, program or a fellow seeker who has already found the way, there are many. This will just shorten the time, but know that you will always find the answer one way or another.

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