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March 05, 2013 at 12:12 PM

What is meditation?

Meditation is the action to open ourselves and receive Divine guidance in our life. It is the act of being. Not doing, not thinking, just being.

In the pursuit of our goals or overcoming challenges we tend to rationalize in order to get ourselves to where we want to be. This rationalizing comes from thinking, and thoughts are produced from what we already know based on our previous experiences. In this way if our experiences were pleasant, constructive or expansive our thoughts will reflect that. On the other hand if our experiences were unpleasant, non-constructive or limiting our thoughts will also reflect that. In any way it is empowering to acknowledge that there is so much in our life that actually transcends the mind, and therefore escapes all kind of reasoning or rationalizing. Settled beyond these two, is the realm of Divinity, and meditation is the tool we have available to approach our daily life using our greater gifts, nonrational, non-limited, non-conditioned, but ever-expanding.

What is the goal of meditation?

The goal of meditation is to reach, and over time, cultivate a meditative state. In this state we allow ourselves to be guided by our Divinity instead of our conditioned reasoning. Then we allow ourselves to be at our true potential, living in the present moment, spontaneously, consciously, happily.  Meditation takes us to know who we really are, how we function, and how to fully live.

What do we meditate for?

If you are seeking to switch from struggling mode to flowing mode, meditate.

As meditation takes us to a state which transcends your thoughts and your rational understanding of life in every aspect, it cannot be explained only experienced. The outcomes of meditation may be experienced immediately, yet they may also take some time, it only depends on your authenticity, eagerness, and earnestness to let yourself just be, witnessing the inner space of your being, listening to the voice of the indweller or intuition or higher Self. The mind will keep on producing thoughts, yet the attention and awareness are beyond that chatter.

Therefore, meditate to see beyond what your eyes can perceive, to feel beyond what your senses can perceive, to known beyond what your brain can think, to live beyond what your imagination can believe. This is why you switch from struggle into Divine flow.

How to meditate?

Do not mistake the technique for the goal. In books I have found there are about 1,500 different ways to meditate. In my mind there are as many ways as there are human beings in this world. So I say, how you meditate is completely up to you!

Because the goal is to reach the meditative state from which you know yourself as you really are, unbounded in any and every way, allow yourself to find a technique that allows you to feel like that. It is likely that a number of things you already do put you in a meditative state, for instance playing an instrument, cooking, walking in nature, enjoying the sound of silence. Those moments in which you simply flow, time seems to be non-existent, you inspiration is natural and effortless, your energy is abundant, and you feel happy and fulfilled. If you can recognize something in your life that makes you feel like this, great, do more of that! Do it with joy, in total freedom and never let it become a chore.

In the event that you are seeking to start practicing sitting meditation the steps are simple, remember all Godly things are simple. So find a comfortable spot where you can enjoy some quiet time. Find a comfortable seated position and keep your spine straight, close your eyes, and breathe through your nose naturally and smoothly. Next, to grasp the idea of becoming a witness, a passive observer and listener of your inner world, imagine that you are traveling on a train sitting by the window, as you see the scenery passing by perhaps you find yourself tempted to get a hold of something nice you see outside, but if you were to do that you would be pulled through the window and off the train... In that same way you can begin to observe your mind, thoughts will arrive, just as the scenery through your window, and likewise if you decide to cling on any of those thoughts you will be pulled out of your inner space and back to the outside world, the world of your thoughts. Start by practicing with this example in mind, you will notice there are actually some moments in which you can just be. Those moments will be filled with peace, that peace is the state from which all sorts of abundance in your life begin to blossom and your sense of intuition developed. It is from this that you acknowledge your limitlessness and manifest your abundance. As you continue to practice, the peace moments will be more and more, and they will last more too. You will notice the effects throughout your day, because meditation does affect your everyday life!

How do I know I reached the meditative state?

Just as you knew it was you when you looked at yourself in the mirror for the very first time, you will also know this. It is more important for you though, to focus on experiencing, whatever comes in the moment is fine, let it be. If you begin to evaluate, analyze, compare, remember, judge, plan, or the like, then you can be sure at that very moment you are not in the meditative state, as you are in the thinking state. Just let everything go, at the time of meditation you there is nothing else than you and Existence, God. What would you do then?

What do I miss if I choose not to meditate?

You miss knowing what you yet don't know.

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