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October 20, 2015 at 6:18 PM

Learn what energy and spirit can do for you in your daily life. The heart is a very powerful engine casting electric and magnetic currents, as well as the energies of intention and love. Heart is then, energy. Spirit is soul. That inner presence that is different from body, mind and emotion. In this course you will learn why and how to connect with your heart and soul, source from them, use then as additional resources and give them an active role in your day to day interactions with others and yourself. You will gain a greater understanding about life, your function or purpose in it, and the tools you have already available to become a conscious creator of your life.

Humanity is evolving, and we are becoming a higher version of ourselves. We are living in times where the highest number of people on the planet have an interest in energy and spirituality. This is the point where we awaken in consciousness to these additional aspects of ourselves. That have been with us all along, but underused, ignored, neglected and forgotten within the societies we have built.

But, our own creation is not fitting us anymore, we are uncomfortable in our own skin, we are outgrowing it, and so we evolve. To have a simplified vision of this, we can see us moving from being three-fold beings, to five-fold beings. People that are aware of their physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects or bodies, and connect with them and through them, in everyday life, consciously.

You can use energy and spirit to create sound health, to attract things and conditions into your life, to communicate beyond words, to access intelligence beyond the intellect of your mind, to transcend fear and other limitations in your life. We are love-beings, becoming beings of the ways of love. Wise, conscious, creative and loving beings.

This course will update and upgrade you and your system. It will transform the way you see yourself and life, just by having you delve with clarity into your own life. In this course there’s nothing to believe or be convinced of, for the concepts we will share find roots in your own life experience.

The course includes 20hrs of private sessions, daily yoga classes at the studio for the duration of the course - incentive for Miami residents, not transferable. Lectures, techniques and tools for conscious creation. The lectures include a clear understanding of karma, which is, the main cause or reason for the lives we live. In my mind, every child should learn this essential topic at the time is being taught to speak. Being a private course there’s flexibility in the schedule, and you can choose to organize your 20hrs. as they suit you best within the span of three weeks. This course is aimed to empower, heal, and transform the way you see yourself and you live your life. Regular price $1200, Special through 10.31.15 $999. Additional person 50%.

Love blessings soul siblings!
One word to change our world 

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