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Holosync - Try this powerful, super-easy way to meditate, FREE!
Increase your threshold for stress... deal with the ups and down of life much more easily... protect yourself from serious physical and emotional problems caused by stress... click here for more details.

Guaranteed Solutions
Guaranteed Solutions
Load these mp3 files on your iPod or other mp3 player and listen to Guaranteed Solutions, powerful talks by Paramahamsa Nithyananda given during the Life Bliss Program, click for more details.
PranaMat Eco Acupressure Mat
The natural solution for stress relief and increased energy. The Advaita Pranamat Eco is an acupressure massage mat with 221 patented and eco-friendly petals, click for more details.
Koshi Chimes
Koshi Chimes
Not just a chime but also a healing/musical instrument, an original creation of high quality. Hand Made in the Pyrenees Mountains, click for more details.
Manduka Yoga Mats
Manduka is more than eco-conscious yoga gear, Manduka is love. Love is for the teachers and students we do it for.
E3Live – feel-good food, all organic
Put some spring in your step! Let E3Live help you attain the healthy lifestyle you deserve.
CitZen Yoga Gift Certificates
CitiZen Yoga Gift Certificates
Give the gift that keeps on giving... A CitiZen Yoga gift certificate can give your loved one the freedom to choose the spiritual path right for them. Available in the amount you desire, email us your request.
Funky Yoga
Funky Yoga
Funky Yoga clothing is design by yogis for Yogis, Yoginis and yoga instructors and is designed for those who value practical, simple, comfortable clothing, click for more details.
I Love Yoga
I Love Yoga is a love-conscious company bringing yogic love to businesses and to the world. Proceeds of all sales of I Love Yoga Products go back to non-profit organizations that inspire us to be the better humans. click for more details

The Akashic Records
Learn and gain access to your personal Book of Life, a source were all your life times including experiences, thoughts, emotions, contracts have been recorded, and from which you can bring meaningful change into your daily life. This book is also available at our studio. Click on the BOOKS title to see CitiZEN Yoga's reading recommendations. click for more details