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We are honored to serve you and share a part of this life's journey with you, thank you ~



Bless your space • home, office, hotel, restaurant, gym, studio, bar, lounge, school, construction, even floor plans • clearing dark energies, bringing in divine illumination, and establishing the pulsation you choose your space to hold.

Energy and spirit transcend time and space, therefore online ceremonies are available, we'd do the walk through via video call, or you can send us a walk through video on which we do the ceremony. The rate for 1 hour Online Ceremony is $150.

We are also available to do the ceremony at your space. The rate for 1 hour In Person Ceremony is $250, plus uber/lyft transportation to and from your space. The ceremony is the same in both cases.

Why do a space blessing?

Although the whole of life is a blessing, in this context we refer to the conscious choice of our creative power to clear a space of unwanted, heavy, dense, stagnant, old energy; letting the past go, and establishing a new light to illumine the space from this now into the future.

Spaces, as well as things, hold energy, initially of the intention and vibrations of the builder, then influenced by those that dwell or visit them. Overtime energies that do not recycle can become stagnant, dense, heavy, limiting. If this is happening it may be time to bless your space.

While energies that align with your own visions and intentions strengthen them, those that do not may block, limit, or even alter them and your purpose.

What is a hOMe Blessing like?

The ceremony starts with a prayer and invocation of the presence of The Light, then we take a moment to align with the energies you choose your space to hold, and using smoke, fragrance and/or sound we embark in a first walkthrough in which we clear every room of unwanted energies. For this we use Palo Santo, Sage or incense, Florida Water, essential oils, singing bowls, Koshi chimes and chanting. Right after we do a second walkthrough in which we illumine each room and set in the pulsation of the energies you have chosen. To finish we seal the blessing, creating a small bundle you keep in your space and we share with you how to keep your space energetically clear and aligned with the vibrations you desire.

For bookings please txt or call 561.685.2140



These are our main areas of service, for any private session our rates are:

1hr Session $150
Additional hour $100
Additional person $50
At your space $100 + uber



- CitiZEN Healing Session - a gift of a new life within this life. more..
- CitiZEN Sound Bath - a shamanic journey of healing in sonic vibrations. more..
- Mahamudra - the seven sound healing session therapy. more..

* These sessions can be booked for 1-3hrs, or more.. In one hour we basically explain the method and go straight to the healing. Longer sessions allow for greater sharing and interaction, or healing through words. How long should your session be is entirely up to you, how much can you take..? How much time are you willing to invest in your healing..? In a three hour session you will receive your healing and enough information for you to begin to start bringing healthy change into your life.



- Conscious Everyday Living - create healthy change in your life. more..

* This is a training course to develop new healthy habits, and begin to learn to create your life consciously. Starts with seven classes, three hours each in duration.



- A Date With My Soul - a date in the nude.

* This is an eight hour session, a day to yourself and into yourself. A deep immersion into the chambers of your soul. It is healing as well as empowering, aimed to bring radical understanding and change about self and life. Bring a new view of yourself in front of current challenging situation or condition. Explore a whole new understanding of life altogether.

- Munay~Ki - energetic transmission of shamanic rites of passage for the Aquarian Age. more..

* This ceremony is conducted in two days, eight hours each, and they could be taken consecutively or separately. This transmission activates your energetic interaction with yourself and your life. It aligns you with the evolutionary changes of the Aquarian Age. Powerful information will be shared with you in addition to the rites, so you step into the beauty of these times consciously, confidently and happily.


Thank you so much, blessings of self-realization, sweet healing and abundance ~