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Nature showing us that life re-creates itself is healing. Healing is a process programmed to happen spontaneously from within to repair physical, mental, emotional, energetic or karmic conditions. But, when we interfere with the process, healing is obstructed, delayed, or incomplete.

From a spiritual perspective, the only healing we need is that of our perception. When perception is healed, all aspects of our life heal. A glitch in perception blocks the process, compromising our wellbeing. By removing the blockage, your perception is corrected and healing again happens spontaneously. For nature there is nothing big or difficult, so anything can heal from within; your only job is to let it happen.

Although healing is innate to all living beings, we find that health can often be affected by causes that escape our intellectual understanding. The root cause for chronic or acute conditions is usually found in the behavior of the mind, or as an energetic or karmic blockage. Therefore, when we only take care of the symptoms, the condition improves for a while, but later comes back and it seems we cannot shake it off.

The potential to heal anything in your life is ever present, but an undisciplined mind or a blockage won't allow you to see it. The experience of healing is often needed so that you overcome what you perceive as a limitation. As you discover yourself free from any limitation, everything in your life heals and you are restored to wholeness.

The techniques shared at CitiZEN Yoga are intended to help you restore and sustain your wellbeing, working at the very root of the condition assailing your health, with mighty power.


Energy [Healing]

Energy healing helps remove blockages causing disharmony within you by accessing the universal source of life. Our sessions include vibrational/sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls, pranic healing with natural crystals and stones, as well as chromotherapy with colored light. During our standard two-hour sessions, spiritual downloads are additionally revealed as powerful insights with regard to certain actions you should take to sustain your healing over time.

Customized two-hour healing sessions are generally recommended so all of  the elements are included, particularly when you are seeking life transformation, as time is allowed for guidance and coaching. One-hour sessions are also available, this is an approach that simply requires you to be open to let go and eager to receive. The rest happens naturally and spontaneously. 1hr session allow for short interaction and most time used in healing procedure. Book your session or contact us for additional details using the buttons on the left of this page.

Energy healing is commonly sought for:

  • Healing acute or chronic physical, mental, emotional, energetic or spiritual conditions.
  • Relief from stress, anxiety, depression, guilt, anger, fear, and other forms of emotional or mental distress.
  • Recovery from acute and chronic medical conditions such as chronic pain, limited mobility, autoimmune diseases, migraines, sleep disorders, ADD/ADHD.
  • Preparation for and relief from chemotherapy and side effects of other conventional medical treatments.
  • Pre- and post-surgery.
  • Pre- and post-natal balancing.
  • Energetic blockages and karmic burden.

In many instances, just one session is enough to achieve full healing. However, depending on your openness and receptivity, as well as your personal commitment to bring change to your life, the treatment may be longer.