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Shamanism is a ritualistic approach to health, wellbeing and life. It is an ancient practice, and these days is commonly considered as an alternative form of medicine. It is effective even when skepticism arises, and often sought for healing what is perceived as impossible. Shamanism provides an excellent means to to prepare yourself for the transitional times in life's evolutionary cycles.

In addition to our transition from childhood to adulthood, to parenthood, and so on. We are living in an important time for change and transformation. According to the ancient wisdom of the Maya (Mexico), Inka (Peru) and Hopi (United States), we are entering a cycle of great evolution in the wheel of life.

Towards the end of 2010 we began a new cycle. In this cycle, we are going to experience a series of sub-cycles in which we will receive increased help in order to accelerate our evolution and be better prepared for the transition to what could be described as a new age. We now enjoy an increased openness towards our energetic and spiritual nature, and we have the opportunity to learn about the processes we can complete for this transition.

Our energetic and spiritual realization is key in this process because it's what will allow us to live in a different way, with a mind free from fear and competition, in alignment with our purpose, and naturally seeking overall wellbeing. The greatest cataclysm is not to happen in the world without, but the one within. Historically, humans have experienced evolutionary leaps in relatively short periods of time. The current transformation includes an update to our DNA that will allow us to more readily access life's infinite resources.

Additional information is readily available through the internet and other media, but mainly through spiritual downloads. Meditation and shamanic rituals are effective in making these resources directly accessible to you. Whether you choose to take deliberate action relative to this evolutionary cycle or not, you will be interacting with the changes around you in your own way. From a spiritual point of view, some will go through the transition with just an update to their current body-mind, and others will get a whole new one.

Through a variety of methods, our services are intended to prepare you for this transformation, in which your body will begin to heal, function, age and die differently. Your mind will be expanded and amplified, and your energetic and spiritual resources will become readily available for use in your everyday life.


Shamanic [Arts]

Our sessions include shamanic rites and processes to open a sacred space for you to receive the blessings of the natural forces, which lovingly shower healing, clearing, and attuning energy on you. Whether you are interested in working on something currently affecting your life, or preparing yourself for the evolutionary cycles in life, our sessions are equally effective. Book your session or contact us for additional details using the button below.


MUNAY~KI [Shamanic Initiation ~ rites of passage] 

As described by Alberto Villoldo, The Four Winds Society... The Munay-Ki is a series of nine energetic transmissions, or “rites”, that heal you and transform our human energy field into that of homo luminous – one who lives free of fear and resides in his or her transcendent nature.

You can come share with us simply to receive the rites, usually in ten sessions. Or for a full program that empowers you to pass these rites on to others.

In this program, you will receive and learn the exact form of the nine rites of passage. You will take home the skills to facilitate this initiation for friends and clients to step into who they are becoming.

This program includes personal healing work, intertwined with teaching, hands-on practice, meditation, journeying, ceremony and ritual, as well as mentoring in and transmission of the nine great rites of passage of the Munay-Ki. (Pre-requisite: none).

Please use the links below for details on this life-changing opportunity. And if you are interested just drop us a comment or question on our Facebook Page.

This ceremony can be booked privately or you can also join one of our group sessions.

Group Session
Sep 20 and 21, 10am - 7pm
Early bird registration $349 by Sep 7
$449 by Sep 14



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For further information about the Munay~Ki Initiations, please visit the Four Winds Society - Munay~Ki website at http://munay-ki.org and view the Munay~Ki DVD there.

You could also bring Munay~Ki to your community, post your interest in our Facebook page or email us for more information!