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Learning about and living from your spirit is spirituality. In this way - whether you are at work, home, with friends, or anywhere else - you choose to address your life and everything about it from a source within you that is already active and at work, but engaged without awareness or intention. Through spirituality, you simply awaken to the fullness of yourself and your resources.

Spirituality is an aspect of life that we often overlook or can’t quite grasp how to make useful in daily life. A state of zen, being present in each moment, connected to our intuition and spirit. It is from a state of peace that healing, wellness and self-realization become possible.

By getting to know your spiritual essence, your whole life transforms - your health strengthens, your mind quiets, your sleep improves, your mood turns more joyful and a beautiful sense of peace arises. Spiritual practice brings empowerment. You can change your approach to events in life, and learn to be free, healthy, happy, fulfilled. Spiritual awakening is essential in order to have a full experience of life.

At CitiZEN Yoga we share practical methods and tools to help you conquer yourself and your life.


Spiritual [Coaching]

Transform yourself, as well as the way you experience and perceive the life you live. Empower yourself and make all aspects of your life soar, keep peace of mind,  sustain good health, and develop an enhanced relationship with life.

Often it is easy to learn a new idea and then bring it up in conversation, give suggestions for others to take action upon, or perhaps write inspiring words on Facebook. Bringing meaningful change to our own habits and life requires courage and commitment. Overcoming the ego calls for relentless desire to be free and intention to conquer life. Transforming limitations of guilt, fear and anger to opportunities for expansion requires conviction, determination and consistency.

Our sessions are intended to provide you with guidance and empowerment, so that you are able to consciously and deliberately begin to make a shift in your life, approaching your various endeavors with the creative power of your energy-body, the unconditional love of your heart, and the life-sustaining force of your spirit. Book your session or contact us for additional details using the buttons on the left of this page.