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Yoga [Science]

Yoga is a science, a discipline, a systematic approach to life, encompassing and expanding beyond its most common practices as postures, meditation and breathing. Yoga can deliver far greater benefits than relaxation, stretching, movement to the body, and a good night's sleep. It encompasses all aspects of your life and it does so using different techniques and paths.

Other aspects of yoga that are not so well known include the study and understanding of man, mind, nature, spirit and life, as well as the use of energy, intuition, and unconditional love. Yoga is an expansive philosophical practice that leads the dedicated practitioner to heal, discipline the mind, and realize his/her nature and full potential.

Yoga postures are commonly known as yoga, but please be aware that if the postures are not for you, yoga offers many other ways for you to harvest its benefits. There is a form of yoga that is right for you, now and at every stage of your life. This is why our programs are fully customizable. As the practices are intended to affect your whole life, we encourage them to be long-term and offer special programs to support a sustained approach.


CitiZen Yoga Program

This program is intended to help you develop and sustain excellent physical, mental and emotional health. A regular practice over an extended period of time is proven to be far more effective than practicing sporadically or heavily for a short term. This program sets you on a path of transformation with gradual but steady results. We suggest one class per week for a month (as a sample), a year (for transformational benefits) or a lifetime (for sustained bliss).

If you are seeking changes in your life and are ready to commit to achieving them, this program is tailored to provide you with the empowerment to do just that. Classes are 2 hours long and include: postures, breathing, meditation, mudras, chanting and lecture.

>>> Postures improve physical functions and are also a powerful vehicle for learning more about ourselves.

>>> Breathing techniques are beneficial for nurturing the body, particularly the lungs, brain, and the central nervous system. They are also very effective in enhancing meditation, healing, taming the mind and helping ease sleep issues, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, chronic conditions, etc.

>>> Meditation techniques are used to access the intelligence that is not of the brain - often called intuition. This allows us to switch from living in struggle and stress to living in peace and joy.

>>> Chanting is a method used to connect and pick up on vibratory energy that runs within; by recognizing this energy, we can begin to use it intentionally to live more happy and fulfilling lives.

>>> Mudras are techniques to harness and channel subtle energy. These mudras are different from the hand gestures that are more commonly known with the same name.

>>> Lectures are shared to gain intellectual understanding of what you are doing in class and how you can apply the practices to benefit your daily life.