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Join the biggest recycling this planet has yet known! We are bathing our world with LOVE. We are humanity changing. And, changing history.

An initiative of Global Cooling. One step to create a global environment of peace. We can change the vibration, face and destination of our world, with one word.

We are renaming our planet LOVE. The goal, raising its vibration. An infusion of loving energy to ourselves and the entire planet. We are LOVE, our planet is LOVE, and we all want to live in, and experience a world of LOVE.

Imagine yourself, our future generations, waking up and living, in a place called LOVE. Imagine a whole planet living in the knowing that we are born in, and are citizens of, LOVE.

One word defines us and our world. One word has the power to heal our world. One experience we all yearn to have ~ LOVE.





• One step to create a global environment of peace
• Give the planet love, and ourselves hope
• We tend to embody the energy of the environment we are in; this initiative is creating an environment of love
• Create a general sense of wellbeing, possibility, stability, safety and healing
• A conscious choice to define ourselves as beings of LOVE, as well as give direction of our evolutionary path
• Love is the highest vibrational energy, naming our home planet LOVE infuses the entire population and the planet itself with love
• Invite ourselves to bring love into our lives, therefore becoming more loving and peaceful with ourselves, each other and our environment
• The planet is a living body, in agony; this nurturing decision supports its healing and harmonization
• The children of the planet, your children, your children’s children will be born in a world called LOVE

If you feel these benefits are worthy of your consideration, if you want to live your fondest dream, if you feel the energy of LOVE represents you and our planet home, if you want to actively participate in changing humanity, the planet and history, please empower yourself to SIGN THE PETITION.

Follow @RenameYourPlanet on Instagram, and @PlanetLove on Facebook, I am posting regularly about the progress, and providing guidance, inspiration, motivation, empowerment. Let's spread the word, a healthier, happier world is just a word away.

On a personal note, I am dedicating my life to this cause, there's plenty to do to spread the word, we have been gifted with a glorious possibility, and to me it is worth dedicating my life to. We are at a point of evolutionary transition. This initiative may spark cuteness, but if considered wholeheartedly, its effects and benefits are miraculous. Just by talking about it, it gives a new glow to our home. This may be unprecedented, but that doesn't make it impossible. I see it as the beginning of a new era for the planet and humanity. If your heart feels called to support this cause, I wholeheartedly welcome your donations, thank you so much ~ I Love YOU. 

p l a n e t  L O V E

one word to change our world 


>>> Support:


This is your dream too, you are an activist too. We have the vision, the work is individual, and individually we can come together in communion and collaboration, and reach many. I invite you to join the efforts shared through this website, or please feel free to share your own with the world. I will soon setup a portal for all your initiatives to be showcased. Meawhile let's keep going!


>>> Donations:


Your generous donations help me with administrative expenses, programming, media production, advertising, and verything related to educate and raise awareness on the miraculous potential of this initiative. Thank you so much for your loving heart!



>>> Sponsorship*:


Be a pioneer of change, be part of changing the course of humanity and the planet, collaborate in the formation of a new world for us and all to come, participate in the most extensive peace revolution ever known, support the diverse educational projects to raise awareness of this initiative. Contact us for additional details.


 In my name and of everyone on the planet THANK YOU for your loving support and generosity ~